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The International Academy of Forensic Examiners and Investigators in association with Checkmate Forensic Services Inc., Was a private occupational school from 1997-2011 licensing of Checkmate Forensic Services Inc. License number 961031-C. In May of 2001, the Massachusetts Department of Education Legal Department made the determination that our private occupational school could offer continuing educational units (CEU’S) to its students. Ronald H. Rice, BCFE., Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE., Wayne N Hill, SR. BCFE.,  and the late Vincent Scalice, BCFE., are current and former members, educators and trainers of the American Board of Forensic Examiners.

Ronald H. Rice, BCFE was the director of education. He is the course author on Forensic Behavioral Profiling through Written Communication. He also authors the Forensic Document Examination course and the course on Therapeutic / Forensic Hypnosis. Mr. Rice was IAFEI Executive Director.

Ron, Vince, Tony.
Anthony J. Iantosca, BCFE is National Co-Chairperson. He specializes in Asian philosophy and behavior, Clinical and Forensic Statement Analysis and Non-verbal Communication. Mr. Iantosca is a trainer/ educator in Forensic Behavioral Profiling through Written Communication and a Certified Document/Handwriting Examiner.

Wayne N. Hill, BCFE is the course author of the Homicide Events Reconstruction course. Mr. Hill is Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Vincent Scalice, BCFE was IAFEI'S Scientific and Technical Advisor and was an Internationally known Forensic Expert. He specialized in Latent Fingerprint Classification, Homicide Reconstruction and Forensic Document Examination. Mr. Scalice has been a Consultant Member of the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations which was responsible for the investigations of the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


All of the Academy Forensic Experts are available to advise, teach and assist you on any Civil / Criminal matter that may arise. All of the courses listed above are available. If you are interested in training/study in a Forensic Course our Academy Director will be more than happy to contact you. All of our experts can be reached through this web site.


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