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Society today has seen a marked increase in domestic violence, sexual harassment law suits, and crimes of violence against women and children. Corporations spend millions of dollars settling law suits of every conceivable kind as well as spending thousands of dollars training employees only to have the employees let go or resign, because they were placed in a position that was not well suited for them.

How can you the employer, employee, parent or single person avoid such pitfalls? In today's society, information is power and this information can be provided to you by a Certified Forensic Profiler/Examiner.

The American public is both uninformed and misinformed about Forensic Threat Assessment Profiling, Handwriting Analysis (based on American trait theory), Statement Analysis and Nonverbal Communication (body language). Profiling is not based on a person's race, creed, color or national origin. It is based on behavior and what the behavior patterns are telling me. What a person projects and what he/she may be in reality are two different matters.  It is my hope that this web site will give you a better understanding of these diagnostic tools and illustrate how I use them on a therapeutic and forensic level. A common misconception that threat assessment profilers / examiners encounter is being perceived as palm readers and fortune tellers. We cannot predict the future. Profilers attempt to answer the question. "What is the best I can hope for, what is the worst I can expect" from the personality when emotions come into play and logic is reduced. Profilers do not make medical evaluations.  A medical evaluation made based on a personality profile is extremely unprofessional, damaging and illegal.

I am a Certified Forensic Examiner / Profiler. I was a Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Examiners from 1994-2018. I am national co-chairman of the International Academy of Forensic Examiners and Investigators with over twenty years experience, assessing the personality and their potential for violent and aggressive behavior. Threat assessment analysis of documents involving homicide, attempted kidnapping, anonymous letters, stalking and drugs are the services I have performed for psychologists, psychiatrists, attorneys and the private sector.

In 2005 I became an advisor on the LiveAdvice  AT&T Intellectual Property website, working with clients' world wide. I have become their highest rated male advisor/profiler. To review my web page, ratings and feedbacks. Please visit the LiveAdvice link on the left side of this home page. 

I am active member of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence and the Asian Shelter and Advocacy Project (A.S.A.P.)


I was an approved educator/trainer in Basic, Therapeutic, and Forensic Profiling Through Written Communication by authority of the Massachusetts Department of Education's Secondary Education as a Private Occupational School from 1997-2011 licensing Checkmate Forensic Handwriting Examiners # 961031-C.

For additional information and my articles on Forensic Profiling, Handwriting Analysis, Statement Analysis and Nonverbal Communication. Please visit the (International Academy of Forensic Examiners & Investigators) on my Facebook page.

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